Today, our homeless population in America is similar to a third-world country. This fact is both sad and scary if we have any compassion in our souls. It’s easy to see why this situation is tragic. But let’s look a little deeper at the problem. Have you noticed how the Covid-19 vaccine gets distributed?

In third-world countries, many people are still waiting on a vaccine. Poor people in America face similar problems. That’s the sad part.

The frightening part is that when viruses like COVID-19 are left to linger, eventually they mutate, and sometimes they are deadlier, and whole new vaccines have to be developed. Our current pandemic may just be the start to a potential reoccurring health crisis requiring pharmaceutical companies to keep having to come up with vaccines and other medicines to keep the world healthy. This problem is terrible for all homeless families and will add more stress to the homeless kid’s populations we work hard to protect and reduce.

One of the things that I also find alarming is that so few companies have been allowed to manufacture vaccines for COVID so far. Big pharmaceuticals have patents denying other manufacturers to help. We are kept in the dark about where our taxpayer dollars went towards funding the research and creation of vaccines. So, this means that our government has the legal authority to order other manufacturers to make vaccines and force the formulas to be shared. So why haven’t they? We could be so far ahead of where we are today.

So, who is left out of receiving vaccines along with everyone else? The obvious answer is poor communities and the homeless. This issue happens globally, so third-world countries cannot effectively stop the virus and mutations occur. Big pharmacies are off to the races with billions more dollars profits that we pay three times for: first in or tax dollars, second in the monies we will eventually be charged for the vaccines, and third in the increased costs for our health insurance.

What big pharmaceuticals are attempting to do is create a controlled and growing dependency through the manipulation of viruses and populations. This problem only means further disaster for homeless kids and their families.

All of the above is just one more reason why we need to reduce and strive toward ending homelessness. Only true compassion and a bit of wisdom can see why we all benefit from this. We can become safer and enjoy better economic conditions in our communities instead of having the attitude of “as long as they don’t come here.”

If we continue to not help, then poverty and homelessness will continue to expand, trapping people that never believed it could happen to them. Heck, all it took was a worldwide pandemic, claiming millions of lives to nudge us. I hope and pray that we don’t become complacent once our community becomes a safe one once again. Blessings – Father Mark