In a previous blog, I reported over 400,000 former homeless students fell off the grid and unable to receive much-needed student services because they could not enroll in the 2020-2021 school year. Now, there are multi-state programs designed for locating and re-registering homeless children for school again. Many of these children ended up with such a gap in their educational development that thousands of them will need to repeat their last school year. Our hope is this is a point-in-time project that will bring most of the former homeless school children back to school. No one is sure yet about possible classroom crowding, but this will be a challenge for administrators who schedule and appoint students to educators. The other hope is that the student will have retained enough learning from their last year’s schooling to repeat their grade level successfully.

During this process, there will have to be an effort to retain the homeless children who have remained in school, so the homeless population isn’t bleeding from both ends. We at the Clean Kids Backpack Program are working hard to help make the transition back to school easier by taking away some of the basic worries over student hygiene. In part, our inventories shared with school districts can and are being used as motivators to help keep kids in school and motivate their parents to re-register their children. When homeless kids get to school, they receive two free meals a day during the week and personal care items sent with them on weekends to help make life a little more manageable.

So, as we pass along blessings to some of the most vulnerable of children, we at the Clean Kids Backpack Program are blessed and stand ready to keep serving homeless school children. God’s blessings upon our educators and you, the reader and doer of good deeds. Thank you for considering and helping in the work we do here at Clean Kids Backpack Program.

For the kids, I remain,
Rev. Mark J. Niznik, Chairman