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St. Paul’s Clean Kids Backpack Program

We are an outreach of St. Paul Polish National Catholic Church, located in Belleview, FL, a 501 (C) (3) dedicated to helping America’s homeless public school children and their families meet basic personal hygiene needs. We aim to keep kids clean and in school.

Rev. Mark Niznik and Kevin Robert and lady donation news day Dec 2020

How You Can Get Involved

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Clean Kids Backpack Program Fund

The amount of homeless children increases yearly. Covid-19 is an additional struggle for the homeless population. Unfortunately, homelessness is rising during this pandemic. Thanks to unique donors, we bring essential supplies to homeless students in need. We rely on help from wonderful donors like you! Please donate today!

Recent Updates


Collected another 6,000 items with a retail value over $9,000 for homeless students in Lake County, FL.

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Your Donation Matters

All monetary donations are used to promote our homeless kids charity. We purchase new personal care items at greatly reduced costs as we seek like-minded vendors. Your dollars also help us acquire, operate and maintain vehicles for item pick-up and distribution. 

Rev. Mark Niznik and another person carrying donated supplies.

See What We’re Doing

There’s always something happening with the Clean Kids Backpack Program. Whether it’s collecting or delivering personal care items to homeless kids in need, conducting fundraisers, developing social media content and developing effective organizational relationships… we continue to make a difference.

Important homeless supplies like sleeping pads

Learn About Homelessness

School districts across each state capture and report the number of students identified as homeless each school year to their respective state department of education. Public schools typically use an expanded definition of homelessness to include children who lack a fixed regular adequate overnight residence. 

Since 2006, we have collected and distributed over 880,000 personal care items to homeless children with a retail value of over $1,113,000!

Personal Care Items

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What We Do

There are numerous programs out there helping with food, clothing, and school supplies, but there is a shortage of personal care items.
In 2006, the faithful of St. Paul Parish in Belleview, Florida, began collecting soap, shampoo, and toothpaste, beginning a Backpack Program at their church’s front door. We delivered items to a local school, and the process continued this way for a couple of years. In 2008, we began to look more closely into the homeless crisis in Florida and were shocked to see the magnitude of silent desperation in our back yard. There was an unanswered call for hygiene products throughout the state, and we decided to start and operate our homeless kids charity. We are a network of folks dedicated to increasing access to personal care items for homeless students and their families.

CKBP is proud to be a philanthropic selection of the Rotary Club of the Villages Foundation, Inc.

Our Mission

Our goal is to help as many homeless students as possible. Homelessness in America continues to rise yearly. We strive to give to homeless students in need. Clean Kids Backpack Program collects monetary donations and essential products to help homeless children. Our team enjoys giving back to local communities. Students have the right to feel clean and refreshed. Please help us expand our reach and deliver essential supplies to more children! Thank you!

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Contact us today to find out how to volunteer! We would love to add more people to our motivated team! Our team takes covid-19 seriously. Clean Kids Backpack Program has covid-19 protection measures in place to keep people safe while helping the organization. We also have a charter program to help even more homeless kids across the country. Feel free to reach out with any questions or comments!

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